Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cold and Creepy

Well, a few entries back, I said I was planning on doing a little night photography..last night turned out to be a pretty good night to try was clear and cool...if the temperature outside is kinda cool I usually tend to get better results with my long exposures because it helps keep my processor in my camera cooler, which causes less color noise in my images common in long exposures...Anyway, I got out a pretty good distance from town away from city lights as much as I could, found this old dead tree, thought it might make a decent foreground subject. The shot is basically a 30min long exposure at f3.5 and ISO 6400. I know that might be gibberish to some of you...but thought I'd tell ya While I was out there I kept on hearing things moving around in the dark...and I mean it was DARK!...The moon hadn't come up yet so it took a pretty good while before my eyes would adjust enough to be able to see anything within 10 feet of me. I also did something kinda bone headed, when I left, I left my tripod here at the house, so all I had was a little clamp window mount thing...which works great...the problem is I have to have my window down and my engine turned off to keep from vibrating my meant no heat! It wasn't too bad tho...sitting inside my truck blocked much of the wind, but it did get down into the 20's while I was out there...Only have one pic to show you and I thought it turned out pretty good...Pretty cool how the rotation of the Earth causes the stars to appear to streak across the sky...

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