Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cord, Arkansas

Today I drove down to Wynne and picked up Brock and decided to head to Cord, a small town Rob told me about that had several very old and abandoned buildings...which is something I like to shoot because it has sometimes a creepy but historical value. The main point of interest was what appeared to be an old had almost an old west look to it. Would have liked to go in and take a look around but didn't want to get into any trouble for tresspassing. There's been several places I've found in the past that I would have liked to know who owns the property to get permission to explore. It always aggravates me when a building that has a lot of historical value is vandalized or burned down...just a shame. But anyway, got a few shots there, saw several places of interest on the way there too that I'll have to keep in mind and revisit sometime later...Posted a few of them below.
Then I headed back to Wynne to drop Brock off and to head home...but not before visiting a friend of mine, Carrie, to order some yummy girlscout cookies!

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