Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Entry...

Hey everybody...this is my first post on this blog. Never done this before and thought I'd see how it would go. It's mainly going to be just a blog about my photography...where I've gone and what I've seen. Feel free to comment on anything I post...
Today I got out kinda late and didn't have a lot of time before dark to get much done. I went down south of town going torward Harrisburg and took a few county roads to the west, not really looking for anything in particular...when it started getting late the sun started shining a nice golden glow over the farmland around there. Stopped and took a few of this farm road with trees lining the sides of it. Later I put on my big 800mm lens to get the shot of the sunset and tree below.
Yesterday there was a pretty nice sunset around the same area which was causing a good reflection in a flooded rice field. The wind wasn't blowing so the water was as smoothe as glass...I like to go to this area whenever there is a good sunset, but it's also a duck hunting club out there so I can't always go when there's hunters out there...don't want to run off the ducks and it can be a little difficult to concentrate on what your photographing when there's random gun fire around you..lol
Well, I'll get better at this as time goes I'm sure...I'll probably post new entries and pics a few times a week...Take care everyone!


  1. Nice pics man! I'm jealous! I slave for the man all day and you get to take pics! :) Put some spooky or creepy looking pics up sometime.

  2. beautiful pics. love them,
    a secret admirer.

  3. clint, I think once I get my ged im gonna go to collage to be a professional photographer. Usually the kid follows his or her mom or dad but im following in my cousins footsteps.