Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Craighead Park

Earlier today I got a text from a friend of mine saying it was snowing outside...I had no idea and really hadn't been up long since I stayed up late last night editing pics from the day before..so I tried to get ready as quickly as I could to see if I could come up with anything...but unfortunately it stopped by the time I got out the door...So, I decided to run out to Craighead Park to see what I could come up with...after driving around a bit I decided to see if I could get some pics of the various ducks and geese they have out there. It was getting pretty late in the day and many of them kind of piled up in the back corner of the lake where many of the park visitors go to feed them...there weren't many people around at this time so I pulled up close to the water's edge. Even thow I had nothing to feed them, they all came rushing in expecting to be fed...so i was able to get some pretty close up shots of them. I have no idea what some of them were, I know a Mallard, or a Canandian Goose when I see one...but a few of them looked kinda strange...maybe some crossbreeding going on?

I don't know what this guy's issue is...looks like a cross from a chicken and a duck...or maybe a turkey...lol

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